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Voting Registration and Information

Lori Landry is committed to informing our community about the importance of voting. Voting is considered a civic responsibility, to make sure all voices of our community are heard. We encourage you to utilize this link to check your voter registration status, find your voting location, and read more about the resources provided to you as a courtesy of the Louisiana Secretary of State. Voting can easily be done by mail or in person, learn more here.


Louisiana's Justice Reinvestment Package

Lori Landry is proud to support and push for change throughout the community. The Louisiana Justice Reinvestment Package is a successful program that has impacted our community with a $8.5 million increase. These smart, sensible reforms have already made our communities much stronger and safer for years to come. If you would like to find out more information about this program, click here.

 Scales of Justice

Protecting Public Safety and Reform Justice System

This particular issue has been increasingly gaining coverage all over the world. Why exactly? It is an issue that needs to be addressed, and heavily discussed among politicians, lobbyists, and congressmen alike. Lori Landry is pushing for change, and is doing everything she can to see enforce justice for all. Learn more about our efforts here and how much of it is being utilized, here.

Reviewing the Law

Smart on Crime Initiative

Are you interested in learning more about crime in your area? Lori Landry is truly passionate about educating her community, as it is an issue that impacts us all. She aims to maintain balance within the political system, and will keep pushing until the correct balance is reached. Learn more here about the Right on Crime Initiative.

Reviewing the Laws
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